How to Get free AWM skin : season 15

A wonderful news to all the PUBG freaks and fanatics out there, the season 14 Royale Pass of the game just rolled out and as expected, it is super cool and made the killing and surviving a lot more interesting. 

The talk of the town is about the all new skins and costumes which come as a reward for getting a royale pass. The update for season 14 already has enough fixes, improvements and never seen additions to the game which joins the set of fantastic skins and costumes. We are talking about not just one but three sets of skins and costumes, under this Spark The Flame – Season 14. 

The three sets which are going to be introduced to the massive wardrobe of skins and costumes include

  • The Commander Set
  • Rose Unicorn Helmet and 
  • Avian Tyrant set

Yes, the bunch of names itself sounds cool. Anyway if you want to learn more about a Royale Pass like What is a Royale Pass in PUBG, or what is its advantage in the game or how it can be purchased or more such questions are concerning you, then read in to find these out. Royale Pass is what you can call a head start or something which assists you in the game in and out with its premium features. Royale Pass holders can unlock and achieve a lot more rewards and claim more gifts in number than any other ordinary player. 

Since PUBG is among the top games with most number of players from all around the world, the royale pass feature gives the players a clear advantage in the overall game and it’s features. 

PUBG is equipped with two types of royale pass as usual, including the Royale Pass Prime and Royale Pass Prime Plus. Apparently the Royale Pass Prime Plus pack is the biggest purchase that can be made to get maximum benefits out of the game. 

If you are planning to get a royale pass to get more out of the game, or just want to renew your subscription for the royale pass, The creators, Tencent Games has introduced the Google play services to pay the amount to get a royale pass. 

This is a smart move which will help a lot of gamers to purchase the royale pass without much effort. The Royale Pass Prime is priced at Rs 440 while the Royale Pass Prime Plus is priced at Rs 1,150. 

The two royale passes, elite royale pass and the elite plus royale pass can be bought with the UC, which is the currency used in the game. The elite royale pass is priced at 799 UC and the elite plus royale pass is now 1,949 UC. 

This will unlock a heavy bundle of rewards for the players, which will make them special. The best thing is that you can redeem the achievements through royale pass to get the gaming currency, which is the UC for making premium purchases. 

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