Pubg season 14 : Livik map update

Listen PUBG fans, there is one more good news. The game is getting it’s first Mobile exclusive Map called Livik & Pubg season 14

Yes, you heard that right,  Players get to download and play the new map on July 7th  which will be shown along with the 0.19.0 update.The map is available for players in the beta version of PUBG MOBILE as a “Secret map” as of now but it’s still not fully developed.

Livia is a small map only two km by two kilometers in size. The map is a combination of all the other four maps. It has elements of snow, the grass, and desert so players get to enjoy every map in Livik.

  • Only 40 players can drop in at a time as opposed to 100 players in a regular match.
  • The map is for those who want to play a quick game and don’t have a lot of time. A single match will last for 15 minutes.
  • There will be fully loaded crates with guns that have everything a player needs like foregrips, scopes, etc. There is also a monster truck, cool right?.

The developers did an amazing thing by adding areas like hot springs, volcano, and waterfalls among other updates that the fans will surely love as it will make the game more interactive. These updates are not on any other map.

  • Fans can also look out for two amazing weapons called the P90 submachine gun and an MK12 burst sniper rifle.

Season 14 : leaks and information

Season 14 of PUBG is going to start on the 14th of July when the next update 0.19.0 launches. The spoilers for season 14 were leaked online by Mr. Ghost Gaming’s YouTube channel, and the fans are super hyped with all things that can be expected this season.

Season 13 Royal passes will last for only two months, so use your passes as the RP section ends on July 12th.

Like any other season, fans will get two versions of Elite pass with Elite Upgrade Royal pass costing 600 UC and Elite upgrade plus costing 1800 UC.

With “Spark the flame” being the theme of this season, Season 14 will give you new cosmetics, new skins, upgraded weapons, new styles for your cars and vehicles, new parachutes etc.

Some of the most notable skins to look out for are :

  • The commander
  • The female and Male Pharaoh
  • The M24 gun with a new skin and
  • The ace parachute.
  • A cowboy skin
  • The vehicles will get new skin as well with white being a new update which will give the car a luxurious vibe. 

There will be many futuristic type outfits and the vibes in this season will be insane as one can guess from the theme. One thing’s for sure the season will be full of fire. The players will get the best in this season.

The new updates will garner even more fans and as the game continues to grow fans can expect S15 to be an even bigger hit. But for now, expect season 14 to be a blast and survive till the end. 

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